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Poor in Portland's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Poor in Portland

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Hmmm [14 Sep 2011|05:49pm]

I just joined this community and now I realize that nobody has posted in quite a while...  Is anyone still here?
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Part-time PSU student stipended positions hiring (DACA Coordinators) [01 Dec 2009|02:33pm]

The Portland State University Disability Advocacy & Cultural Association is hiring three paid part-time student Coordinators. Applications are due this Friday. Position descriptions and application instructions are under the cut.

DACA Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and Outreach Coordinator positions hereCollapse )
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Info on squats? [26 Sep 2009|09:48am]

So, I'm looking for information about squatting in the U.S. I have to admit that I'm really, really uninformed about the subject. Are there any articles/laws that someone could point me to?
More specifically, I'd like to know if there is any form of legalized squatting in the U.S., such as the Wagenplätzen in Berlin. (wagon camps)

I know that Portland has a few housing co-ops, but are there any community squats in the city? Thanks for any info!

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[25 Sep 2009|04:25pm]

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Starting a garden [01 May 2009|10:14am]

The foodstamp program covers seeds and plant starts for home gardening.   However, finding a place that sells these isn't easy.   Nurseries and garden centers that I've called are not setup for accepting that type of payments, and the farmer's market is not yet open for the season.     Very limited seeds are available through local grocery stores, but in searching through those I've only found a fraction of the different types of seeds that I want to plant.   I don't have any seeds to exchange, because this is my first year getting started with a home garden so seed-sharing groups aren't going to be very helpful.   

Does anyone know of anyplace in the portland/metro area (preferably westside) that sells seeds and plant starts, accepts foodstamps, and carries a decent variety of edibles?  
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Free interactive Art Show [09 Mar 2009|10:04pm]

Blankety Blank interactive Art Show
April 3rd 7-11pm
@ Watershed 5040 SE Milwaukie Poartland, OR
Come play, draw on, and manipulate the art!
Submit your art:
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[02 Feb 2009|04:50pm]

'Afternoon, PDX!
  My partner and I will be heading that way in late march and have almost everything set up and rearing to go.  Housing has gotten us stumped (not unlike almost everyone relocating to PDX ).    We're looking for a one or two bedroom one level house or first level apt (or with an elevator) to rent. Simple, affordable, queer and pet friendly housing. Where are you hiding it? 

Thank for all your help in advance,


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Tolkiens Birthday celebration. [16 Jan 2009|10:10am]

A lot of events including the LOTR Trilogy on a 'big' screen.
Most of a day's entertainment in exchange for a donating a few cans of food.

Saturday January 17th, starting at 11:00 a.m.

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Free Show Tuesday, Dec 23rd! [19 Dec 2008|09:43am]


31 NW 1st Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 241-2916





hosted by
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The Last Subversive Zone at Mt. Tabor Legacy! !FREE! July 24th! Portland OR [16 Jul 2008|11:59pm]

The Last Subversive Zone at Mt. Tabor Legacy! !FREE! July 24th!

The Subversive Zone is a collective. A community of artists pushing the envelope of high tech musical creativity gathering on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

featuring live visuals by Tempest Wilde & xTian de Tox

Subversive Zone

Dedicated Hardware
The Tar Plains

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JULY 24th !FREE! 21+ Portland Oregon! [07 Jul 2008|12:16am]



The Tar Plains


Dedicated Hardware

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free clothes! [21 May 2008|06:24pm]

blackrose books + freestore has a metric tushyload of free clothes. shirts, pants, shoes, skirts, coats, sweaters, shoes, and some non-clothes stuffs: books, dishes, scrap fabric, and moreeeeee. oh, and right now we have SOOOOOO MUCH clothes traditionally worn by women. SOOO MUCH.

most everything is in new condition. or barely worn at least. so, yes, please come get free stuff. 4038 n. mississippi. open 12-8, seven days a week.
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2 !Go-Yo! shows next week in Portland - both FREE! [19 May 2008|12:20pm]



hope to see many of you there.



Subversive Zone

Ascension Conspiracy



The BlackWaters

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Deadline for Toy Art Submissions Sunday [08 May 2008|07:48pm]

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[18 Apr 2008|11:35am]

So tonight,Wooden Indian Burial Ground (http://www.myspace.com/woodenindianburialground),Bodhi(http://www.myspace.com/bodhirock),Elated (http://www.myspace.com/elatedpdx),and Holy Smokes(http://www.myspace.com/holysmokesholy) are playing a FREE-ALL AGES SHOW TONIGHT at Good Neighbor Pizza (8th and Dekum)

FREE BEER AT 8 P.M. -first come first serve

So,if you have nothing else to do,come on out and support some local music,yo!!
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Survey help [07 Apr 2008|11:59pm]

Hello! I am a student at Reed College (in beautiful SE Portland, of course) and I am doing a survey for new parents for my senior thesis. Because I want to represent the whole community of parents I am posting here. It would be a great help to me if you could take the survey. You would also be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to target and you would get a summary of the results if you want. Here is the official ad:

If you have a baby under the age of 2 years, we want your opinion for an academic research survey
Win a change at a $50 gift card to Target!
log on to
questions? Contact Alex at Reed College cooka@reed.edu

If you have any questions you can also just comment here.
If this is inappropriate for this community, I am sorry and don't mind it being removed.

thank you!
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Toy Art Show Looking for Submssions and Performers [25 Mar 2008|11:59am]

This show is going to be a FREE event, but we need the help of artists and Performers to make it exciting!
Toys make everyone happy, they rekindle the experiences of our childhood.
What is your artwork that is related to toys?
Toy Art can be anything toy themed. Bicycles, puppets, sculpture, pinatas, dolls, games, fashion, robots, and more encouraged.
This show is also in search of toy related talent to preform.( Hula hoopers, fire, jugglers, klowns, puppets...)


* We welcome a variety of medium (photography, digital, illustration, collage, mix media, painting. sculpture...) There are no restrictions on size.

* Submissions should be uploaded digitally through flickr: www.flickr.com
* Up to 5 images will be considered for the exhibition. Images must be in jpeg format. Posted to the Toy Art Show 2008 on flickr.
* No Entry Fee Required! (But if the piece sells during the show a small percentage will go to the venue)

* The deadline for Submissions is Sunday May 11th, I understand that being creativity and procrastination go hand in hand sometimes so if you have an idea that you plan on getting done by the show June 6th let me know, and I may be able to hold a spot for you.

* The Show is June 6th @ Watershed please come celebrate toys with us!

1. Join the Toy Art Show 2008 group: www.flickr.com/groups/toyartshow2008/
2. To add a photo to the group, select the photo in your account you will see options for adding the photo to the group directly above the photo.
3. Please DO NOT submit more than 5 images.
4. We will be contacting you through your flickr mail account, so please check that account.
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91-year-old blind, African American author comes to Central Library [11 Mar 2008|10:21pm]

My name is Eva Fields and I'm sending this to tell you that my grandma Eva Rutland www.evarutland.com will be signing books in Portland. Mrs. Rutland wrote a memoir entitled "When We Were Colored, a Mother's Story" that tells her story of being a young black mother raising four children in California during the early days of integration of the 1950s and 1960s. Upbeat and funny, she states in her introduction "I was born in the
olden days, when pot was a cooking utensil, webs were for spiders and civil rights were for white folks." She tells stories all mothers can relate to. Stories like taking her four children all under the age of eight to the 5-and-10 (the five and dime) three days before Christmas and 5-year-old Ginger having a break down in the store because she spent all her money and forgot to buy her daddy a present. She peppers her stories with reminders of the special problems that blacks faced. She ends the Christmas story with a lament about having to walk past Woolworths during the Civil Rights era when the store was being picketed for because they would not serve blacks at their lunch counters in the South. She states "but pass it up I did. This was bigger than my pockets. These young people were bigger than me---and I couldn't let them down."

Eva Rutland is now 91-years-old and blind but she continues to write. She has published over 20 novels and is currently working on her sequel to "When We Were Colored," tentatively entitled "Grandma Troubles." She will be signing books and talking about her life on:
Saturday March 15th, 1:00 PM
Central Library - Multnomah County
801 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

The event is free and I think light refreshments will be served.
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Free Orange Party TONIGHT! (3/1) [01 Mar 2008|09:02pm]

Hey there! Tonight at Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie), we'll be open all night for a free Orange party - come in orange or wear some of ours! We're celebrating one year of existence with a big free party, drop-holiday style. Suspensions, Power Tool Races, mini bikes...

Doors open: 10pm, Cash bar till 2:30am with id (all ages welcome)

We're playing psychedlic funkiness all night long. 604 kids, that means you! Open to all ages, please no outside alcohol. This is a Time Based Art Piece - the only people knowing about a big FREE party are the peeps listening on this channel! ;)

Brunch by donation Sunday morning with TOTAL LACK OF TALENT show - come show off your cracked out selves in the morning!


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Birthday party ideas for a three year old? [05 Feb 2008|01:52pm]

I have a friend at work that is looking for inexpensive birthday party ideas for a three year old. I thought I'd go ahead and ask here to see if some of you know of anything offhand? She might consider a McDonald's party (although we're not sure how much those cost) and doesn't want to do Chuck E Cheese.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. :)
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