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Toy Art Show Looking for Submssions and Performers

This show is going to be a FREE event, but we need the help of artists and Performers to make it exciting!
Toys make everyone happy, they rekindle the experiences of our childhood.
What is your artwork that is related to toys?
Toy Art can be anything toy themed. Bicycles, puppets, sculpture, pinatas, dolls, games, fashion, robots, and more encouraged.
This show is also in search of toy related talent to preform.( Hula hoopers, fire, jugglers, klowns, puppets...)

* We welcome a variety of medium (photography, digital, illustration, collage, mix media, painting. sculpture...) There are no restrictions on size.

* Submissions should be uploaded digitally through flickr:
* Up to 5 images will be considered for the exhibition. Images must be in jpeg format. Posted to the Toy Art Show 2008 on flickr.
* No Entry Fee Required! (But if the piece sells during the show a small percentage will go to the venue)

* The deadline for Submissions is Sunday May 11th, I understand that being creativity and procrastination go hand in hand sometimes so if you have an idea that you plan on getting done by the show June 6th let me know, and I may be able to hold a spot for you.

* The Show is June 6th @ Watershed please come celebrate toys with us!

1. Join the Toy Art Show 2008 group:
2. To add a photo to the group, select the photo in your account you will see options for adding the photo to the group directly above the photo.
3. Please DO NOT submit more than 5 images.
4. We will be contacting you through your flickr mail account, so please check that account.
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