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Poor in Portland

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Something to do Friday (Free!) [04 Dec 2007|01:44pm]

This Friday, we'll be opening up Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie) for a Gallery opening. Most of the time, we're a 24-hour make-things building. On Friday, we'll be a party! Fashion show, art, music - come on down! Doors open at 6pm, official end time is about 11pm.

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A sincere apology... [01 Nov 2007|10:29am]

Dear Portland,

This year I heard much griping about the lack of Halloween-ness. As the person who made the MaxJack last year on Halloween happen (we were the ones with the sound-system, kids - and we'll help YOU have a portable soundsystem too!), it honestly didn't occur to me this year that Portland would be a little dead if we didn't represent.

I hereby make an offer of a bargain with Portland, through the lj communities of poorinpdx, damnportlanders, portlanders and pdxmommies

First, I'd like you to recognize the number of fun things that come out of deadletter that you DO like:

Max Jack
Giant parties at Watershed
film projects You are in
Mini-bikes for kids
Pirate Mail
Bike-in Movies

and ask that you stop giving us shit when SOME of our posts aren't exciting enough to YOU directly. The response to our 3-minute Film Irv The Perv Shtickman (how DARE we spam your communities with notification of the completion of a project?)

Look, all these projects go together, and are about my work to create a city where people DO stuff.

Irv the Perv was an example of a group of people getting together in 24 hours to make a film - an outgrowth of our formation of a 3-minute film club on PSU campus, a group which ANYONE, PSU student or not, can join, for free, to make films with our resources.

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

Max Jack - we've engaged in 3 MaxJacks since getting to this town, and have all necessary accoutrements for whomever wants to help us organize a next one.

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

Events and projects at Watershed - as a proof-of-concept, I began a 24,000 sq foot building for projecting in this town, and we are a 24-hours make-stuff building. Need shop space? Need a place for a projecting meeting? Want to hear about an event going on here?

Join http://tribes.tribe.net/watershedpdx

Flashmobs - Do you think things like Pillow Fight Club are funny? Contact us to see when the next Flashmob event is!

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

Mini bikes for kids - remember reading about kids bike's in silver showing up in the NE? That was our project too. Do you like making bikes for kids? Or maybe for yourself?

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

Bike-in Movies - ever ridden along Burnside and seen the Dead Letter Truck with a canvas hanging off the side? A bunch of people sitting around watching a projection on the wall? That's our project too! Want to know when the next location is that we are filming/watching movies?

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

Pirate Mail - have you written, received, or carried Pirate Mail? We get together once a month to write and mess with mail.

email deadletter@speakeasy.net

In conclusion:

Once again, I'm sorry that I didn't host another MaxJack for Halloween. I hadn't realized Halloween was otherwise dead... My motivation to do such projects does rely on some measure of appreciation - it isn't as if we care if you like our movies (Irv the Perv) or not - at least contemplate getting off your ass and doing something, rather than sniping at those who actually are.

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Irv the Perv and his Shtickman... [26 Oct 2007|10:30am]

Our 3-minute film for apple is now playing properly - we don't really care if you vote for us, however we'd love it if you'd go take a peek! Expect a full-length Irv Movie soon!


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Anyone need a 2-3 zone bus pass? [08 Sep 2007|11:58am]

This keeps getting "funnier".... my daughter lost hers, gave up on finding it so she bought another, then the original was found and returned to her yesterday. She doesn't need two... it's a deal for someone- first $30 gets it. Ask for Karina and mention LJ to get it for this price and have preference in buying it in case she gets replies from posters she put up
971-275-0158 ask for Karina
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Did you find a Sept Tri-Met pass or know of someone who did? [02 Sep 2007|03:26pm]


Lost Sept Tri-Met Bus pass 3-4 zone on Saturday 9/1

It had just come in the mail and my daughter put it into her wallet for safe keeping until she got home, she had not even signed it yet. She had stopped at the Taco Bell on old SE 82nd Drive right after leaving the post office, and it fell from her wallet while paying un-noticed.
The manager said someone did find one but took it with them and said they would check back in a couple days to see if someone had missed it. If you are this person please contact us asap, she needs this pass to get to work and we cannot afford to replace it, she is a single mom who saved all summer to buy her son his school clothes. We might be able to manage a small reward, but we are struggling paycheck to paycheck like lots of people. Hoping an honest person found it....
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F%$#ing IRS [23 Aug 2007|12:59pm]

Has anyone else ever had this problem? I get a love letter from the IRS a couple weeks ago saying I'm being audited for my 2005 tax return. Frankly, I don't remember how I filed that year...I think it was with the paper form, so I don't have a copy. (Stupid!) However, they're going to send me a copy and they say it was because I neglected to include a W-2 form from one place I worked. I can't remember, but I think I did include it...why wouldn't I have, if I worked there that year? But anyway, no matter what, I apparently will owe them something like $600. Why did they wait so long to correct this problem?? Why didn't they contact me in 2005, so that I didn't owe all that interest?? Instead of now, when I'm broke and unemployed. Anyway...does anyone know, if there's anything I can do? I can't afford to pay them 600+ bucks! ARG!
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Reliable Transportation Car for sale- Must sell today [28 Jul 2007|11:49am]

Posting for a friend who does not have internet access:
1990 Chevy Celebrity Wagon, A/T, fairly clean body, high miles but starts every morning and gets yuu from point A to point B reliably. Does need a muffler. They thought they had it sold, but the buyer could not come up with the money. Must sell today they are moving out of state on Monday and cannot take it with them. $500 OBO Call Donna 503-839-7989
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[12 Jul 2007|09:44pm]

Free Desk!
Please get this out of my house! It's in great shape, but the bloody thing is HUGE!! And, seeing as I just assembled it's replacement, life is a little crowded around here. It's free if YOU carry it down the stairs. (It might be $50 if I do.)  ;)

Here's the craigslist ad:  http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/fur/372729078.html
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Tuesdays, at the Shed... [12 Jul 2007|02:06pm]

Every Tuesday we barbecue, and Tuesday the 17th is no exception!

We also watch movies on the side of the building - I believe we'll be watch "good" films this Tuesday (bad 80's era has been kiboshed by the film critics) -


Sometimes there's lots of food, sometimes none. Make it happen!


5040 SE Milwaukie
Portland, OR 97202
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Stop Thief: Unusual Maker Item Stolen: Homemade Powered Longboard [23 May 2007|09:54am]

Keep your eyes out for some unscrupulous types riding an orange long board with a battery pack, digital speed readout.

Also taken from Watershed, PDX, this morning at about 6am was a laptop, a big bundle of clothes (!) and a couple of backpacks. Looks like they came in the Milwaukie door and waltzed off with the gear of some travellers just passing through from the Maker fair in S.F.

The theft is less than three hours old!
Any info can be routed to deadletter b, 206-383-7306

Keep your eyes peeled!

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Friday the 13th hit me a day early... [12 Apr 2007|11:24pm]

It appears the transmission in my 87 Subaru has died without warning, online estimates for a rebuilt one installed appear to be $1600+ with the core charge. I am VERY sad, and not sure I want to put that much into it. Anyone know of a good, reliable, economical car/truck/van with an automatic transmission for sale for under or close to $1000 by a private party (someone trading up and being offered less than this from the car lot on their trade-in)? Looks like I'm in the market for a miracle asap....I do not have a job without a car.

Or, I MIGHT consider a referral to an honest, affordable tranny shop
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Make Art Watch Movies Barbecue! [09 Apr 2007|11:00am]

On Tuesdays Watershed is open to the public, and we make art and watch movies. Tomorrow, we'll be barbecueing as well!

Make Art Watch Movies BBQ!

WaterShed, PDX
5040 SE Milwaukie
Portland, 97202

7pm to Midnight

Bring something to grill! Bring your favorite movie!

Call 206-383-7306 if you get lost...
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Hey Portland! [03 Apr 2007|10:59am]

So I'm going to be in your town for 1 full week, April 11-April 16, to decide whether I want to move there.

What should I absolutely do while I'm in town? What neighborhoods should I see? Why do you love/hate Portland and your neighborhood in particular? How do you feel about the cost of living?

About me: Husband and I are 25, have lived in central Indiana, downtown Chicago, and rural southern Kentucky. Neither of us want to live in the 'burbs. We would rather bike/walk than drive, and want to live within walking distance of grocery stores, bars, theaters, etc. Would also love to have a small fenced yard for gardening and the cat. We're not really into any "scene", be it hipster, punk, or whatever, but get along with most types. No kids, no plans for kids.

Crossposted to a few Portland communities...sorry if I'm spamming your friends page.
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Art Movie Night at Watershed! [26 Mar 2007|03:36pm]

We make art. We watch movies. How clear is that!

5040 SE Milwaukie (south of the aladdin theater)

7pm to late, bring some art to make! FREE

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Moving, Sale! [25 Mar 2007|02:43pm]

I'm moving, and I have to get rid of all this stuff....stuff like clothes, shoes, a pair of goggles, and more! So here is the link:

gotta go, gotta go...

(x-posted where-ever I can...)
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Seeking Day Lounges, Indoor Chillin' Spots... [24 Mar 2007|04:06pm]

Alright, so, besides libaries, does anyone know of any places in town where they'd be okay with people just hanging out all day, or for a large part of the day if need be? Preferrably someplace with WiFi...but I'm just looking for places where you don't technically have to be a customer to use their chairs.

Something like a lounge, or a hotel lobby...


(x-posted to damnportlanders)
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Car Boot Sales [24 Feb 2007|12:34pm]

Hello community~

I found myself thinking about garage sales the other day, and I wonder: does Portland have any sort of car boot sales? Basically, where you load stuff for trade/sale/giveaway into the trunk of your car, or your bike trailer, or whatever, and get together with a bunch of other like-minded people for one big mobile community garage sale?

Anyone heard of this happening around here? Because I don't have a garage, but I do have stuff to get rid of!

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Online sale... help me downsize... [09 Feb 2007|04:43pm]

I am trying to down-size and at the same time raise enough money to buy laminate flooring for my living room and tile for my kitchen...
The list for the sale is here.

Bookmark that post, and check it often. I will be updating it as things are sold, everything stays about one week and then they go on Ebay. Post a comment on the Vox post if you want something or want to make an offer. I am going to update the post by removing sold items and adding new items instead of doing post after post... everything that goes bye-bye between now and June will be listed first for a week on the post above and then going up on ebay. I am going to work on the fabrics, clothes and more books this weekend, they will go up by Wed. The VHS movies go up tonight after I get off work.

I've only sorted 2 crates of my books, I have 21 more to go through.... I want my life cut in half by June, this down-size task falls into the OMG category of my life.
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Car-Camping in Portland! [03 Feb 2007|04:04pm]

Hey there...
Has anyone out there car-camped in the city? Any tips? Specifically I'm looking for places to camp where I won't get towed/jacked/shivved in the kidneys. Preferrably close enough in that I can use my bike as transportation, and my car as my apartment. Also, anyone have details on that Wifi thing? How much of the city is covered? Where are some good spots to leech?

Thanks in advance!
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court fees [15 Jan 2007|02:29pm]

Please help me with my poor skill....regarding paying a certain bill.....

Will I get in trouble if I dont pay the $200 court filing fee I owe a US superir court? My psycho ex-friend filed a restraining order a gainst me last year and I filed a response but I only paid half. I havent heard from the court since and I wonder if they are just raking up interest and fine to slap me later on.

Should I pay-off now or just wait till I have extra money?

Just wondering.
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