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Poor in Portland
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This community is for people living in or around Portland, Oregon who are interested in living simply, either by choice or by necessity. It's also for anyone wanting to share advice/resources and benefit from the knowledge of others, so you don't have to be poor to join and contribute.

Everyone is welcome here regardless of social or economic status, as we all have different ideas of what 'being poor' really means. The general idea is to exchange information and tips on how to get by with little to no money. Anything related to living on less is acceptable here, including info on government assistance, low-cost healthcare, local job openings and housing opportunities, shopping tips and finds, links to coupons and free samples, do-it-yourself craft ideas, debt/bill advice, and sharing recipes. This is also a great place to spread the word (or ask questions) about cheap/free shows, concerts, or other entertainment around Portland. Feel free to barter for goods and services here as well. :)

Your friendly mod is psygirl, please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Helpful Links:
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Craigslist Free Listings
Oregon DHS
The Beehive


It has been requested of me to give "credit" to poorinto (Poor in Toronto) for inspiring our community name. However, we are not a part of the "poorin" community network created by the mod of Poor in Toronto. This community is a part of a large network of great Portland-specific communities here on LJ, and another great resource for residents of pdx and the surrounding areas. :)